Rapid GraphQL prototyping, development, and testing.

User Auth

With the industry-standard JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication, GraphQLite is a security layer for your API, providing a way to authenticate and authorize any request.


GraphQLite is a perfect match for developers who are looking to get the most out of PostgreSQL. It takes the best features of PostgreSQL and wraps it in an API that's easy to use.


GraphQLite is an open-source GraphQL server, using the latest technologies. Queries, Mutations, and event-based (Pub/Sub) Subscriptions.

File Storage

With an S3 API compatible File Storage, GraphQLite gives you instant access to your files. High performance and unlimited flexibility delivered with your Core Server.

Studio Apps

Download our native Studio Mac app, or use it anywhere from your browser. Multi-user environment, one-click test server deployment, and public API templates.

Powerful SDKs

You can build Swift apps quickly by using the native iOS SDK. With our npm library, Web development has never been easier. Flutter SDK is also coming soon.